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About us

Safetyforall has the latest certified and reusable mask for social use.
It is a 100% cotton product, manufactured in Portugal and only with one fabric structure which allows a lighter, comfortable and breathable use.

After a long research and development process, we are now able to provide you with the safe solution for the protection of Covid-19 epidemic, certified by the competent institution for the purpose - CITEVE

Safetyforall is a project aimed at everyone, children and adults, who need safe protection in the uncertain days that we live.
In this sense, we have several options of size and colors to better fit your needs.

We also commit that this project is
supportive, so part of the production will be provided free of charge to social action entities.

With extensive experience in the textile industry, we develop products with sustainable materials, increasing the product's life cycle and minimizing the impact on the environment.

We want to guarantee our contribution to a hopeful and even more secure future.

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